Jewellery with Meaning

Incorporating the symbolism of a talisman with the modern day expression of eye-catching pieces of jewellery as art and beauty, we bring you our exclusive and unique collections of one-off pieces of sterling silver, gemstone and crystal jewellery ~ the Dragonfly Dream Collection.

Smokey Quartz and Citrine Pendant

Smokey quartz helps to ground us. It is also a cleanser of negative energy and particularly useful in healing sessions for this reason.
Citrine works well with the solar plexus chakra, our centre of personal power and innate expression. Citrine also stimulates the intellect, concentration and refreshes the mind.
The crystals in combination here are life affirming, bringing the balance of the higher mind alongside the earthiness of our daily lives.
Set beautifully in a curve of 925 sterling silver on a 18inch sterling silver chain.