Jewellery with Meaning

Incorporating the symbolism of a talisman with the modern day expression of eye-catching pieces of jewellery as art and beauty, we bring you our exclusive and unique collections of one-off pieces of sterling silver, gemstone and crystal jewellery ~ the Dragonfly Dream Collection.

Rutilated Quartz with Herkimer Diamond Pendant

These stones sit in perfect combination on 925 sterling silver. Both crystals assist with the cleansing and clearing of the chakras (energy centres).

The Herkimer diamond is helpful with opening the crown chakra thus encouraging advanced spiritual work, whilst rutilated quartz helps us let go of the past and offers protection as we develop spiritually.

These beautiful stones encourage enhanced intuition and insights as we begin to fully appreciate our third eye chakra and the gifts of manifestation and metaphysical sight.

One off unique piece on a 20 inch sterling silver chain.