Jewellery with Meaning

Incorporating the symbolism of a talisman with the modern day expression of eye-catching pieces of jewellery as art and beauty, we bring you our exclusive and unique collections of one-off pieces of sterling silver, gemstone and crystal jewellery ~ the Dragonfly Dream Collection.

Moldavite with Herkimar Diamond pendant

Moldavite is a tektite and known to be an amplifier of energy.
Things seem to speed up whenever moldavite enters your life!
It is balanced, in this 925 sterling silver setting, by the steadying influence of the Herkimer diamond, known for its protective and cleansing qualities. Moldavite is of high vibration and many people say they experience heat and energy shifts when touching or wearing the stone.
It is a stone of the heart and this is truly a very special piece indeed. One off unique piece on a 20inch sterling silver chain