Oracle cards are a free flowing system of divination and guidance. Each deck has a different theme and can comprise of anything from 12 cards to 100 and all variations in-between.

Oracle cards can offer the big picture to events and situations, and using this system really supports us in refining our intuition and can be used for daily guidance if sought, and all manner of reading layouts for yourself and others.

When choosing which oracle deck is for you or for the person you are buying for, take a look at the imagery, theme and the style of the artwork, and most importantly notice which particular deck keeps drawing your attention.

Choosing is an intuitive process, what resonates with you? Trust that sense. We have handpicked a selection for you here based on our own knowledge and the most popular decks our customers choose in-store.

This is an exciting step along the path of spiritual exploration. Enjoy!

Goddesses and Sirens: Oracle Deck

The feminine and the masculine Divine were once honoured as two halves of a creative whole.

A distorted perception of that sacred union had relegated the Divine Feminine to the realm of fear, disrespect and disregard. But no longer, again, she rises!

In this powerful and empowering deck author Stacey Demarco and Artist Jimmy Manton bring forth the profound creativity, love, strength and joy of feminine wisdom. Rediscover the power of the female spirit as we weave through our daily lives. Embrace the Divine Feminine and be in your own power. This deck comprises of 40 cards and a 176 page guidebook is included.

Disclaimer: Please note this product page is for educational and information purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information here is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians