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This blog has been created in response to you, our lovely customers and friends, who have been asking for more information on all things lifestyle-related, including, the spiritual, holistic, wellbeing, and self development-related aspects of life.  

Lady In The Park 

Reflection and Redirection

It is timely that we begin this blog now, in the sense that we are all experiencing change of some sort during this intense 2020 year. As we look to the familiar to ground ourselves, the everyday moments of connection help keep us on track and assist us with navigating new paths more confidently. I don’t know about you, but I’m finding myself in a reflective mood after the effects of the past 6 months, as are many of my friends.

Covid-19 brought with it life-changing shifts and experiences and in the aftermath we find ourselves standing at a crossroads in life, contemplating redirection and/or continuation of our lives as before, yet in new and untried ways.

The recent #HoldStill photographic campaign hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge and endorsed by The Queen shows potent, still, life moments captured forever during the lockdown and the proceeding months.

I looked through those images, some raw with emotion, etched in grief, others celebrating the simple pleasures, and many – shining like beacons of hope and light that inspired me to put fingers to keypad today.

Curious Contemplations

Are you beginning to question your lifestyle, commitments and choices? Has work-life taken a turn, are you finding yourself changing career path or working harder than you ever have to stay ‘afloat’. Do you have concerns for loved ones, friends and family?

Has your health been challenged, and are your energy levels balanced. Your sleep, and your thoughts – are they positive or fearful? This is the time for a life review and a realigning of all your values and finding the true resonance in your choices. Sounds a tall order right?

What is it you want for your life now? And do your current circumstances allow for those changes and new paths?

Transitions abound as we re-enter our workplaces, schools and turn our homes into live/workspaces that envelop not only our places of relaxation but also our hives of productivity.

The digital world is here, fast-forwarded by necessity and the need for remote connection. 

Here at Dragonfly

You – our lovely customers have been expressing your desires to find deeper meaning in your days and to find ways of embracing the challenges of life as well creating new lifestyle choices for yourselves.

We wholly encourage and support you in that and over the coming months, we will introduce you to schools of thought and practical applications as well as spiritual explorations…ways and means which gently guide us all to discover the depth of the everyday magic that helps us all make the difference in our own lives.

Holistic Wellbeing

Suggested Topics To Dive Into…

  • Crystals                               
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Chakras
  • Sound                                  
  • NLP                                     
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Tarot and Oracle cards
  • Angels
  • Life Coaching

These are tools of guidance, support and self-development – as ever, it is our own individual responsibility to navigate our own inner work but the path is made smoother by like-minded connections, honest conversations and open hearts and minds.

Our new normal will shape our futures, and our decisions for our lives will reflect the feelings we carried through from this time spent re-evaluating and adjusting.

If you have any thoughts, questions or topics you would like covered in the future, please do drop us a line at enquiries@dragonflylifestyle.co.uk we will do our best to create and collate the content and share the info and insights.

We all have the potential to be resilient, with support, like-minded conversation, and the tools for the road that will carry us forward positively.  

However you are navigating through these unprecedented times – stay safe, stay well, stay connected and stay in touch and we will see you again soon.

With love


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Disclaimer: Please note this blog is for educational and information purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information here is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians.