About Us

Julie Bates & Louise Hatch

Friends, business partners and co-creators.

Our paths crossed 5 years ago when we were introduced by a mutual friend and fellow creative business woman Libby Rose. We then began working together as freelancers for another fashion retail company. Our complimentary skill sets came to the fore. Jules – the sales director and Lou – the creative director. The blend was, and is, powerful and fun!

The Dragonfly dream was born from a seed idea during a conversation one evening in the Greenwich sunshine. It developed after Lou – the writer, spent a week in a nature retreat in Devon where the business plan took flight.

Many months passed and many preparations began.

And as scary as it sometimes felt to step out and ‘live the dream’, the pace quickened and in a relatively short time a golden opportunity presented itself and a premises came into vision along with the website.

Our duel aspect, ethos driven business idea took shape.

We both took the leap, the wings opened and here we are.

From our hearts to yours, take courage, take a deep breath and let your dreams unfold too.

Here’s to some amazing Dragonfly days

Jules & Lou xxxx

We dedicate Dragonfly Lifestyle to all those who have gone before...

They inspire us still