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This blog has been created in response to you, our lovely customers and friends, who have been asking for more information on all things lifestyle related, including, the spiritual, holistic, wellbeing, and self development related aspects of life. 

Beginning the Journey

How often do we find ourselves questioning the path in our lives? We catch glimpses of moments that hold deeper meaning and we search to experience them again. They seem to hold a connection to something more than the everyday. A magic that lies behind the nuances of our routines and structures and it seems within us and around us all at the same time. We talk to friends who ask us if we are happy, content, fulfilled, if our dreams came true? And in all this there are moments of struggle, now more than ever as we navigate through this pandemic, we question our lifestyles, our relationships, our careers and even our ways of being. It is natural when life-shifts happen, to pause and reflect and to reassess and re-evaluate. On occasion these shifts are seismic, life and death, sickness and health, financial stresses and work and business downturns and the subsequent impacts.

It is in these situations we may find ourselves guided to seek different sources of understanding and comfort. To discover other ways to look after our wellbeing and peace of mind as we look to stabilise, recharge and regroup.  

Following the Magic

‘I want to get into more of the spiritual stuff but I don’t know where to start?’ ‘A friend recommended a book – it’s not my thing really but I find myself intrigued’. ‘I want to understand more but the amount of information is overwhelming, where do I start?’.‘I want to explore my spirituality but I am nervous, people might laugh at me’.

I have had many lovely chats with customers and visitors at Dragonfly, expressing many similar thoughts to those mentioned above. It got me to thinking about what would be a good starting place for those who, like me all those years ago when I tentatively bought my first crystal pendant and tucked it into my pocket like forbidden fruit, would benefit from some pointers and signposts in which to begin and continue the journey of self discovery and holistic understanding.

Following the magic begins with trusting your gut, your innate intuition. It sounds simple but we have to allow time and space for those moments to become clear – those hunches can appear as a whisper, a recommendation that you almost didn’t pursue, a conversation that feels out of the ordinary, turning down a street you wouldn’t usually walk along that leads to a book store where you find a book that jumps off the shelf and answers the very questions you have been pondering. It is the magic of synchronicity and meaningful coincidence that the author of Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield describes. It lifts us out of the ordinary even momentarily, enough so we may catch a glimpse and sense a shift in energy. It is with hindsight that you see the influence of those choices and decisions that ends up being the very day life took on a new vision.


Here at Dragonfly

You – our lovely customers, have been expressing your desires to find deeper meaning in your days and to find ways of embracing the challenges of life as well as creating new lifestyle choices for yourselves.
We wholly encourage and support you in that and over the coming months we will introduce you to schools of thought and practical applications as well as spiritual explorations…ways and means which gently guide us all to discover the depth of the everyday magic that helps us all make the difference in our own lives.

Suggested Topics To Dive Into…

  • Crystals
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Chakras
  • Sound
  • NLP
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Tarot and Oracle cards
  • Angels
  • Life Coaching

These are tools of guidance, support and self development – as ever, it is our own individual responsibility to navigate our own inner work but the path is made smoother by like minded connections, honest conversations and open hearts and minds.

Our new normal will shape our futures, and our decisions for our lives will reflect the feelings we carried through from this time spent re-evaluating and adjusting.

If you have any thoughts, questions or topics you would like covered in the future, please do drop us a line at enquiries@dragonflylifestyle.co.uk we will do our best to create and collate the content and share the info and insights.

We all have the potential to be resilient, with support, like minded conversation, and the tools for the road that will carry us forward positively. 

However you are navigating through these unprecedented times – stay safe, stay well, stay connected and stay in touch and we will see you again soon.

With love

Copyright, credit & thanks go to www.katejaconello.com for the ‘Believe in the Magic’ image – words by www.louisehatch.com  

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