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Our fashion & wellbeing products are chosen and created by us with love & care, and each reflect our Dragonfly philosophy of celebrating and inspiring women in body, mind & spirit

Fashion is about expression.
A celebration of ourselves.
It is symbolic of our individuality and uniqueness, and a way to enhance the ‘feel good’ factor.
Seasonal colours, new styles & shapes, ease of movement, and fun discoveries all
creating looks that reflect who we are and how we feel.
Our Collections, products and designs are lovingly chosen by us for you.
Make each day a Dragonfly day!


Through our own discoveries in fashion and spirit we hope to support, encourage and inspire you to create and connect with the life of your dreams, whatever that may be for you, and to be and express, through your lifestyle choices, that which is authentically you…

*Self worth *Self care *Self expression

While in the process of creating the daily balance of body, mind and spirit, we also discover
our own true nature, our authentic self, and our unique way in the world
Louise Hatch
Wellbeing – The Dragonfly Way

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    Our selection of women’s fashion ensures you look your best & feel fabulous

    Curated collections of jewellery with meaning & accessories with a difference

    Self care ~
    Self expression ~
    Self development ~
    Spiritual exploration


    “Let the Dragonfly dream inspire you”

    • It is an expression

    • A feeling

    • A positivity

    • A way of living your life

    • A deeper sense of purpose, aligned with the everyday and the magical

    • An empowered way to be

    • A process

    • A self respect

    • A discovery

    • A knowing

    • A confidence

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    Additional photography –
    special thanks goes to the fabulous Sally & Kate.
    Check out their individual projects here.
    Additional photography – special thanks goes to the fabulous Sally & Kate.
    Check out their individual projects here.


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